Western Balkans: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia

‘Partial independence’: Kosovo reflects on secession from Serbia. February 20, 2023

‘Ambiguous by design’: What’s in the Kosovo-Serbia deal? February 7, 2023

‘Legislating apartheid’: Critics slam Bosnia’s election law plan. July 24, 2022

‘This game is up’: Serbia urged to take a stand on Ukraine’s war. May 11, 2022

Kosovo, Bosnia call for NATO membership as war rages in Ukraine. April 5, 2022

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‘A camera doesn’t lie’: Documenting besieged Sarajevo. May 3, 2020

‘Large increase in anti-Bosnian, anti-Muslim bigotry’: Report. September 23, 2019

Bosnia as the new ‘battleground’ between NATO and Russia. July 7, 2019

Russian spies found guilty of Montenegro coup attempt. May 9, 2019

Bosnians deported from Croatia for ‘refusing to spy on Muslims’. March 28, 2019

Is Croatia undermining Bosnia’s sovereignty? December 18, 2018

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Canada election: How are leaders combatting Islamophobia? September 17, 2021

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Canadians seek cancellation of major arms deal with Saudi Arabia. August 9, 2019

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Canada’s sexual harassment at work problem. December 15, 2014

Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel

Sheikh Jarrah is ‘under a siege’, Palestinian residents say. May 21, 2021

Israel normalization may partition Al-Aqsa: Analysts. September 14, 2020

Israel’s Palestinian citizens: We’ll vote because we’re targeted. February 29, 2020

Israel’s left and right ‘stuck in segregationist, racist trap’. February 28, 2020

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Palestinians face ‘explosive’ bullets, dangerous gas bombs. May 3, 2018

Palestinian shepherd: ‘There’s a sorrow in my heart’. September 29, 2017

Using 3D printers to tackle Gaza’s medical shortages. September 5, 2017

Palestinians say Israeli takeover of Al Aqsa is red line that can’t be crossed. July 25, 2017

Gaza power cuts: When fuel runs out, ‘babies will die.’ June 1, 2017

Gaza’s women of steel. March 8, 2017

Rebuilding Gaza from its ashes. March 4, 2017

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Gaza electricity crisis: ‘People are dying daily’. January 7, 2016


‘Changing global order’: China’s hand in the Iran-Saudi deal. March 11, 2023

Russia-Ukraine war

‘Shooting themselves in the foot’: Western sanctions on Russia. June 2, 2022

‘This game is up’: Serbia urged to take a stand on Ukraine’s war. May 11, 2022


The dogs helping to find earthquake survivors in Turkey. February 14, 2023

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‘Change the system’: Lebanese protesters tell the government. October 22, 2019