Hundreds of Torontonians line up outside Indigo at the Manulife Centre for a signing of Bill Clinton’s new book.

Today Bill Clinton visited Toronto at the Indigo Manulife Centre for the signing of his new book Back to work- why we need a strong government for a strong economy. Today also happens to be the 16th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement (what a coincidence). So, after waiting nearly two hours in line, I finally met Bill Clinton.

While he was signing my book, I asked him “What do you think of the Dayton Peace Agreement now that Bosnia is on the verge of a major collapse?”

Unfortunately, there were strict security measures in place, so I wasn’t allowed to enter without leaving my camera, voice recorder, pen and paper, and everything else behind.

So, I’ll just resort to paraphrasing…

Clinton said the Dayton peace agreement signed 16 years ago was the available solution at the time to end the war. But today, Bosnia has ended up with serious problems because of Dayton that need to be addressed, which he’s tried to approach many times in the past with European officials. However, they have all been so concerned with the eurozone crisis that they have been completely disregarding the issue, which won’t amount to any good. He acknowledged that it is an alarming situation.

He was signing 1000 books this afternoon and there were hundreds of people in line behind me, so I thought he would answer with only a line or two, but he ended up answering the question for about four minutes! I think that’s pretty good- maybe next time I’ll get even more time 🙂

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